making 3 burgers I have never tried before


my substitutions:
violife feta instead of blue cheese
no bacon
just egg instead of an egg
infeasible burger / ground beef subbed for meat
sambal subbed in for sriracha in ramen burger sauce
sub smoked gouda for pepper jack on pb burger



  1. i think the peanut butter kind of makes sense. it reminds me of peanut sauce with satay or crushed peanuts on pad thai?

  2. Charley Domabyl

    We need a Julien x Babish cooking video

  3. congrats on 2 million!

  4. 0:21 quality voice crack

  5. it made me feel so weird watching him wipe his hands on the towel after handling the ground “beef” and realizing there’s no risk of salmonella

  6. I like the fact that Jenna just comes in out of no where to eat food with Julien ?

  7. I’ve tried a pulled pork and macaroni cheese burger it was delicious one of the best burgers I have ever had

  8. the ramen burger looks like what they gave the health inspector guy on spongebob

  9. Chelsea Dailey


  10. Petition for Julien Solomita to make a cook book

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