Make your own homecoming dress FAST (plus learn the SHOCKING origins of Homecoming)

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Dear teens and- he’s be truthful- adults who wish they were youngsters: these are THE easiest doable cocktail homecoming dresses you can make. so make me proud. Make on, tag me, and I’ll put you on my IG story!

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Special thank you to the courageous high schoolers and ex-highschoolers of this land


  1. to all my American subscribers, please share your favorite story from one of your wilderness pilgrimages!

    • One time I had a tree almost fall on top of me. It was a pretty big tree and when it fell it hit another tree and left a huge gash and then landed on the tent I was sleeping in right above my head. Thankfully, the tent pole it landed on held until I pushed the tree off and it ended up ripping the tent so it looked like a bear had mauled it. I survived tho and it made for great firewood and I do suggest it.

    • My homecoming dress got ripped up by a wild badger, so I ended up not going :'(

    • Out of nostalgia for my high school homecoming, I went to the Rocky Mountains National Park last summer (as a junior in college). I was walking along the side of a mountain, when I spotted a warning sign (probably left by homecoming students and survivalists before me, also known as Park Rangers). The sign was cautioning against a particular goat that frequented that mountain area (not goats plural, just one goat). This menace was closely approaching and following people, which is an issue because wildlife that become too comfortable around people can become aggressive. Mountain goats have sharp, lethal horns 🙂 So among the list of advice the sign gave, it mentioned that “Goats crave salts. Urinate at least 100 feet from the trail. Do not leave sweaty clothes unattended.” This is all to say that a single goat wreaked enough havoc to get its own “wanted” sign at a national park and to inform that urine and sweat can attract goats.

    • Hiking up to the 7-11 summit (store) along Wick Trail (road) praying we would find provisions (slurpees and choco tacos) at the top.

    • Ahhh yes. It was just me and my brothers not by blood, Donald and Goofy. It was a confusing journey, transformations were made, a giant key was a magic sword… ANYWAYS enough reminiscing about high school…

  2. why did i completely believe her homecoming story up until she mentioned the great depression 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Generation after generation Z is generation alpha. HOW COOL IS THAT

  4. “….what?”
    My man summarized the entire experience of high school in one word

  5. 2:47 suddenly the music I know from “Märchen in Asozial” from Julien Bam

  6. I hate YouTube for taking THIS long to recommend this channel


  8. Okay but the green dress is cute as a casual dress. I want it

  9. They’re called Gen alpha.

  10. ok ngl the arm insecurities reassurance does help a bit, thanks!

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