Magician SHOCKS Judges!

In this miraculously magical audition on Britains Got Talent!


  1. A bit too obvious how she does this. Not a great act.

  2. they weren’t shocked, the performance wasn’t impressive

  3. So original to X herself just like the other magician that did the same exact act in a previous year


    Abracadabra smoothy

  5. that was stupid…. Fank You

  6. I dont believe in magic on this shows. They all participate in this crap! Its all rigged and there are many talented artists that come and been taken advantage and they are still there where they started! Except who agreed with everything they were offered

  7. 0:08 folded note visible under buzzer before she’s even near the judges table
    1:13 jeans wet from beer in back pocket
    4:12 poster has purple hue, clearly digital, edited on the fly
    4:17 top text on poster blurry, 4:24 crispier, digital
    4:35 text on phone different whites of font, not possible to argue angle held due to text placement on screen. Digital.

    Worst act I’ve ever seen.

  8. nice show🙂

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