Magic-Pistons quarrel brings about multiple ejections | NBA on ESPN

Take a look at what occurred after this quarrel between Mo Wagner and Killian Hayes hastily intensified bringing about a few ejections between the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons.


  1. Malece in the palace

  2. Here come the Bad Boyz 😉

  3. stupid thug pistons… sick of these kind of “athletes” whole life had to deal with stupid types of players… wagner is a dirty player but those guys throwing fists at the back of someone’s head… hope they get out the league… Hayes is done

  4. soft like charmin

  5. Sébastien Laporte

    That was barely a bump. Basketball players are the biggest wuss.

  6. whatyawatchinnow999

    He left flopped into the bench

  7. Protected race priviledge

  8. That player from piston shouldn’t even be allowed to play anymore in the NBA. Cheap shoot. Trash

  9. Must be nice to be a privileged millionaire….. Who is only penalized a game or two a couple of dollars at best for throwing a punch that could have ended someone’s career or life. It doesn’t matter what you are there’s no room in organized sports let alone the NBA for stuff like this. That is supposed to be what your getting paid to do is perform under scrutiny and stress and be a representative of your team or area. Its amazing to see such a gift like that being taken for granted when there’s thousands upon thousands of players that would die to be in that position.

  10. nice to know how multiple techs are being carried out. both teams shoot the number of freethrows for each tech and first team that started the foul doesnt get ball possession.

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