We are joined by friend of the pod Mads Lewis who comes on for her 2nd BFFs appearance. We discuss her (obviously) never being interested in Josh, her new boyfriend and what people are saying about them, the Columbian connection with Dave’s girlfriend, and her reboot of her fan favorite show “Chicken Girls”

We then get into headlines including Ray J saying Kris Jenner and the Kardashian’s were directly involved in the creation and release of his and Kim Kardashian’s tape, Dixie D’Amelio shaving her head and the ensuing Griffin Johnson response, Dixie and Nailea squashing their beef, Steiny from Nelk sliding into Nessa Barrett’s DM’s, Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine, Charly Jordan responding to Bryce’s comments about her and Tayler Holder on BFFs (and some inside info from Mads on the entire situation), Noah Beck agreeing with Andrew Tate and the internet losing their minds over it, Addison Rae’s leaked song, Jake Paul fighting Anderson Silva, Austin McBroom’s new Social Gloves fight being a massive flop, and Zac Efron revealing why his face looks so different.

We finish with BFFs corner where Josh had protestors at his UF speaking engagement, O’Malley finding her RNR opponent, and where Dave’s watermelon bet came in with the summer nearly over.

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  1. not David saying “the ha ho hip pity ha” 😂😂I love this guy

  2. very bad take on Andrew Tate guys, Brianna is the only one with a brain. Andrew Tate isn’t getting murdered or even thrown in jail for speaking his mind, social media is not that big of a deal and the people who obsess their lives over it are the ones disagreeing with being banned. Sorry that instagram is THAT crucial to your life babe. weird

  3. Why josh so hostile in this pod lol

  4. Okay just saying, if we’re talking about the country, it’s Colombian, NOT Columbian. As someone who is from Colombia, had to correct this my friends.

  5. Bri is starting to ruin the Pod

  6. dave was dancing asereje? jajajaja

  7. does anyone know exactly what tayler holder did?

  8. OMFG josh and dave shut up and listen to the women in the room with you!!! It’s not hard!! “It’s a freedom of speech issue” how do you not see that what andrew tate says encourages violence, rape, etc towards woman!!?! How do you not understand that these social media companies are private with their own terms?? It’s not like he’s getting arrested. How the fuck do we have to keep explaining this ins 2022!?!?


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