Madden NFL 23 is NOT GOOD – Review

This is a critique for the Xbox Series X variation of Madden NFL 23 using the 10 hour gamepass free trial. I will not be buying this game. It’s better than 22, which means nothing. It’s still a terrible game. 3/10.

00:00 Intro
05:20 Gameplay
09:51 Franchise
14:22 Other Game Modes
16:03 Presentation
18:06 Polish/Bugs/Glitches
19:00 Marketing & Manipulation
21:07 Final Score

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  1. I was thinking of buying madden 23, I saw this video and decided to watch it. My opinion is changed a little, but i am still going to buy the game. The madden YouTuber I watch is not affiliated with ea, and still makes the game fun for all his fans. This video to me was more of a complaint rather a review, none the less it was a good video. Ea has taken a big step in the right direction in madden 20, adding X factors, they make the game more enjoyable and bring a new factor into it, the game is fun if you make it fun, looking at the downsides and bugs and such are the reason why people don’t like it

  2. Combliminary Sports

    I play madden 19 LOL, with my sliders

  3. ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs

    I’m done bitching about EA. They suck. The true problem at this point is the idiots who keep buying it every year. They will never be serious about improving this game as long as it sells and makes money. Stop being willfully naive and shelling out your money for this copy paste scam. Rise above hype and demand substance.

  4. This person is a troll

  5. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it

  6. Man look.. He makes these videos for views and a living lol. Can’t switch up too much for his audience.

    Bottom line (he implies this in the video) if you’re an online player, this the Madden to get. Gameplay is the best in years.

  7. Thank you for talking me out of buying this trash, yet again.

  8. Mongolian 🦓madden is very good 👌

  9. Good news is you only have to play it a year before you buy the next one

  10. Andrew Man Gaming

    Great video

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