MADDEN 23 GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK | TDBarrett v Cleff | Madden Championship Series

Exclusive first look at Madden ’23 gameplay, featuring @TDBarrett vs. @CleffTheGod of the Madden Championship Series. Watch the very first official head-to-head game of the season with commentary from Madden game designer K.Spade

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0:00-0:40 Introduction
0:40-1:21 Free-Form Passing
1:21-2:08 Standup Tackling
2:08-2:36 Skill-Based Passing
2:36-2:57 Placement Passing Type
2:58-3:15 Placement & Accuracy Passing Type
3:16- 3:37 User Control on Offense
3:38-4:03 TDBarrett Scores vs Cleff 14-7
4:03-5:10 Zone Coverage (Match vs Default)
5:10-5:50 FieldSense Impact on Double-Team Tackles
5:50-6:20 Free-Form Passing
6:21-6:30 Cleff Scores vs TDBarrett 14-14
6:31-7:15 Cover 2 Invert
7:15-8:04 Defensive Playbook Adjustments
8:04-8:59 TDBarrett third & Goal with 0:01 remaining in 1st Half
9:00-9:38 Defensive Evade
9:39-10:27 Drift Logic
10:28-11:08 Hit Everything (Standup Tackles)
11:09-11:34 Defensive Pressure vs Pocket Passing
11:35-11:43 Escape Artist Now X-Factor Ability
11:44-12:30 Escape Artist X-Factor Impact in MUT
12:31-13:03 Seam Routes in Madden ’23
13:04- 13:24 TDBarrett INT vs Cleff at Goal Line
13:25-14:01 TDBarrett 92-yard TD run vs Cleff 21-14
14:02-14:15 TDBarrett Peanut Punch Animation Fumble Recovery vs Cleff
14:16-14:54 TDBarrett Back Shoulder TD Throw vs Cleff
14:55-15:22 Cleff 93-yd TD return vs TDBarrett 28-21
15:23-15:55 Free-Form Passing
15:56-16:29 TDBarrett TD Pass vs Cleff 35-21
16:30-18:11 Biggest Changes in Madden ’23



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  2. Nathaniel Brownlee

    EA got bots commenting on here lmao. This game still looks garbage…guess I’ll just have to wait for 24🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Last year was not tough to score omg

  4. SunValley1017 Boudercrest1017

    Madden 22 looks good

  5. One time for the legend KSpade 🫡🤞🏾

  6. The route running is a lot smoother

  7. Help me reach 1K Subs before September!

    Run guysA

  8. BABABAM! Td with that nice lurk

  9. McKenzie is heavily Overpowered

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