Madden 23 Face Of Franchise! We Got Offered a $10 Million Contract!Ep.1

Madden 23 is here and we leap into the tale mode where we sign with an NFL team and get paid them bread stacks. Asian Cam is simply worth every penny.


  1. Madden 23 kay looks like a Ultra Chad💪🏽

  2. YOOOOOO My hometown Lions Baby!

  3. 8.2k th like!

  4. Anyone know how to fix that Jersey bug with the big black box on the back of the jersey

  5. kay iv been wacthing u since madden 18 can u plz do the slowest team

  6. wasn’t madden supposed to come out on the 19th?

  7. You should win a game with every team with online h2h

  8. Is that all madden?

  9. There isn’t anymore preseason game 4

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