Machine Gun Kelly Punches Fan After Getting Booed at Louder Than Life Festival

#MachineGunKelly punches an attender of the Louder Than Life jamboree after getting booed by members of the crowd. Full story:


  1. Corey roasted his ass lmao.

  2. Dude is a mess

  3. MGK needs to quit acting like a child.

  4. I feel bad for the musicians who play with this kid.

  5. ErraticAnomaly 117

    Lol first he tried rap. Eminem shut his ass down. Then he tried boxing with Connor mcgregor and now he settles for hitting people that paid money to go to his concert.

  6. “That’s what you get when you let your heart win”.

  7. Is there anyone mgk isn’t jealous of?

  8. He’s the punk that threw the first tiny punch

  9. Puff Daddy popped his cheeks that why he mad

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