Macei K – MENTIONS (Official Music Video)

MACEI K is back and chose to drop this surprise single “MENTIONS”, a freestyle to make ready and concurrently thank her fans for being patient on her expedition musically! This is the follow up to her @Kodak Black remix that was released earlier in the year, so be certain to stay tuned for way more!

(Official Audio/Video for “SUPER GREMLIN” by BadKidMacei.)



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I’m just a 15 year old child residing in Texas. This is my life.
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  1. Funnygirlkoko💕

    She been on her grind not worrying about nobody❤️. Copy dat💓🅿️

  2. ▪️do you have LAND in a trust, water, and growing your own non matrix food? Flossing cash is so corporate 1990’s, for real, any new music with new messages beyond “I pay for things” ?

  3. allisha wilson

    U killing me. Nice one gyal🙊😎

  4. Randomgirl steph

    Ayyyyyyy da baddest 💥🔥

  5. She always EATS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. William Kelley

    Continuing to degrade human life. One bite after the next.

    You don’t know anything about music. You don’t belong. Get out!

    • William Kelley

      Keep boiling on this comment. At least i know the powers of the 11th harmonic. You should be, i know you are, ashamed!

  7. and macei ate that🔥

  8. Christine Robinette

    Blonde wig looks so natural.

  9. Knyla Marshall

    And just like that’s she ate y’all up .! 👌

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