Macabre details unveiled in court as Brian Walshe charged with murdering spouse Ana Walshe

Brian Walshe is charged with allegedly murdering his spouse, missing Cohasset girl Ana Walshe.


  1. Apart of me hops this would be the craziest even of the decade where she randomly appears alive. I’m sure that’s not the case. Prayers

  2. His wife Ana was smarter than him. May she rest in peace and his children be taken care of by her family. 🐑🐑🇳🇿🇳🇿NZ

  3. Either he is the most dedicated household cleaner or he was up to no good.

  4. This is a demon not a human and should be treated accordingly. Now after his trial he’d go to jail and live well off tax payers with no remorse. IS THIS JUSTICE???

  5. Bad Drivers Channel

    Guilty !

  6. Thank God he is a dumb criminal. The poor children have to learn that their own father is s monster.

  7. he walked in all gantsa, left knowing he was done

  8. Can we discuss here HOW this woman MARRIED HIM when he allegedly threatened to MURDER HER in 2014 when they were DATING? If that is TRUE, HOW STUPID can this Ana BE??????

  9. Who knows.
    She may have been ultra-bitch behind closed doors – I’ve been there.
    It does NOT excuse what he’s obviously done, according to circumstantial evidence.
    Like most events, it’s hard to be sure, unless one was there, and witnessed the event.
    Sorry for the kids, and the wider families.

  10. This is so sad. Because now that mothers children are parent less in foster care all because he was selfish. He robbed those kids of a mother and robbed that mother of her kids.

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