Mac Jones reportedly ‘struggling’ in camp, Tua and Daniel Jones’ season divinations | NFL | THE HERD

Mac Jones is entering his second season in the NFL, after making the playoffs his newbie year. Nonetheless, his growth could well be at question. As reported by New England Patriots beat author Mike Giraldi, the QB is ‘struggling’ more than last summer with changes to the team’s offensive staff. Colin Cowherd clarifies why he is concerned for Jones, along with how Bill Belichick will continue to struggle in his second season without any Tom Brady. Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and New York Giants QB Daniel Jones are entering their first seasons under new head coaches. Colin resolves.

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    • Brady won 7 super bowls on two separate teams he doesn’t need much help to win goof

    • You think your slick trying to talk up Tua now lol your now allowed to ride the Tua bandwagon after hating on him his whole career!

    • Is Brady’s “connection to Trump” still making you feel “uneasy” Colin?? You friggin’ stooge lmao

    • First off Tommy Frazier didn’t get drafted because he had Chron’s disease, before the the prognosis he was going to be a late first early second round pick.

  2. People still listen to this guy?

  3. Mac got swag now he’s getting the same talking points they give the swaggy qbs. The kid will be ok he’s not in danger of falling off yet. Last I checked he was a pro bowler last year

  4. Saint Joseph terror of demons Pray for us…

  5. Tbh I don’t see Tebow as a mistake. He won a playoff game.

  6. It said nothing about him struggling people be reaching I swear

  7. If Tua takes a huge leap this season, I wonder, will we see all his detractors admit they were wrong. Doubt it though.

  8. *tiny cross tattoo*

    A tiny cross tattoo under the eye or on the neck signifies an accidental death caused by the wearer, otherwise it is a sign of religion.

  9. Patriots gonna be better than last year all that matters..

  10. Brady is not humble. Funny how they have to show 2 seasons of Patriots. This isn’t high school! Tua can’t throw far! He has a noodle arm by 3rd quarter lol. Tua has a tough start and way tougher schedule. Giants are not bringing in Tyrod. This dude is dumb

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