MA (2019) Ending Explained

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In the most up-to-date from Blumhouse, Ma goes after a middle aged lady who befriends a group of young adults, permitting them to party in her basement. But it turns out she has other motivations in mind, which includes a long held plan for vengeance that comes to light. Learn all about what makes Ma so insane, the many twists and turns to the tale which includes explaining the finishing.


  1. Black bitches be cray cray. Ending explained.

  2. Ok but what happened to the girl who always acted passed out at parties? Did they forget her ?

  3. You should do I am Mother, and Tau.

  4. Before this video I got an ad for The Ranger on Shudder, has anyone been on this site before is it good shows??

  5. CanterlotCrusader

    Another movie where the whole situation could have been avoided if teenagers weren’t assholes.

  6. #24 trending

  7. Hannah Sawbridge

    …this was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. The whole movie theatre laughed throughout. You’re dumb.

  8. The movie was alright…

  9. The one Mexican


  10. Found this channel by accident. Thoroughly entertaining commentary and to the point reviews. Definitely worth a sub.

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