Luh Tyler & BabyTron – Fat Racks Pt. 2

Luh Tyler & BabyTron – Fat Racks Pt. 2

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  1. L t 🔥

  2. 2 artists that never miss this is 🥶

  3. Makes you wonder how much they paying to get this low talent, basic beat music to the top of YT..

  4. Nah cuz I was literally thinking ‘what if babytron n that law n order guy collabed” and here we are😂

  5. 2ND RAPPER IS complete trash but first part is fire

  6. Black vato Onsite

    Work Lil Hommie…

  7. ColdHeartedVsl Insight

    Tron be spittin fr

  8. I done caught the urge 🤧🔥

  9. “fully switched, survive this b# you got the chance of beating cancer” 😂😂

  10. SelfDevelopmentNinja

    I bet you didn’t know y’all didn’t know this about Luh Tyler😭😭 10 Things About LuhTyler You Didn’t Know…

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