LSU vs. Florida State Game Highlights | 2023 ACC Football

After going into the locker room down 3 at halftime, Florida State exploded in the second half to make a statement in a 45-24 victory over LSU in the Camping World Kickoff Game. QB Jordan Travis tossed 4 touchdowns on 23-31 passing and 342 yards. He’d add another touchdown with his legs. Keon Coleman had a game to remember for the Noles, catching 9 passes for 122 yards and 3 touchdowns.


  1. Keep in mind LSU had 4 losses and was ranked 5. I knew we’d beat them, we should’ve blew them out last year too.
    And let’s talk more about that first stop. Lay had all the momentum, and got a new set of downs on a bs penalty and still got stone walled


  3. Fsu on top!

  4. The acc network needs to update their cameras or something, this 720p stuff isnt it, catch up with the times

  5. FSU are dawgs, not puppies!

  6. Coleman is a monster, can’t wait to see what he can do this year. If we beat Clemson, we can definitely run the table, go Noles!

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  8. I mean #LSU wasn’t complete crap. But uhhh Florida State did dominate that field. Those catches..😮‍💨

  9. Lol at our fans who thought there be no role for tip toea filli this year…..he ain’t the biggest, ain’t the fastest, ain’t the twitchiest, hes just a mf’n Football Player 👌

  10. FSU better shore up that defense-LSU racked up a ton of yards but couldn’t score-but FSU has a lot to do to get that defense solid–but the offense really has some studs.

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