LSU vs. Alabama Highlights | Tigers take down Tide in INSTANT CLASSIC | CBS Sports

In a game that featured 87 compounded points and a Heisman gunfight for the ages, the No. 2 LSU Tigers marched into Tuscaloosa and took down the No. 3 Crimson Tide.
Thanks to an electrical performance from QB Joe Burrow, who passed for 393 yards and 3 TD on the evening, LSU coach Ed Orgeron left the field with a career-defining win and the Tigers’ first win over Bama in 8 years.

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  1. Stingley got cooked the whole night if they had someone better they could have won by more

  2. Alabama gave this game away FACTS💯 To much MISTAKES and to much PENALTIES and especially to much TURNOVERS…. On top of that you guys almost to a QUARTERBACK with ONE LEG Haha🤣🤣🤣 Congrats LSU enjoy this win will see guys again in the NATTY… Mark my WORDS you guys heard it here first #RTR💪 AND ROLL TUA🙏

  3. This game is an example of what makes college football so great. The back and forth with ‘Bama continuing to come back with their home crowd going crazy. Both teams #22 were incredible, Harris and LSU’s Edwards-something (he moved so fast I couldn’t see the second name. Devonte Smith blowing by those I’m sure fast Tiger defenders, that was something

  4. Najee Harris was unstoppable and it didn’t matter at all

  5. It T didn’t fumble on that opening drive Bama would have won.

  6. 9:06 look on the top of ur screen. Why is #69 on Alabama going for that hit? 😂😂😂

  7. I’m a Dolphin fan so I’m rooting for both quarterbacks

  8. That was a dirty spin move by Edwards-Helaire

  9. Alabama are the New England patriots of college football, so I love every time they lose 😀😀

  10. LSU just remember your quarterback came from OHIO STATE and that will be the team to beat this year 🍺😀👍

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