Lovejoy – Wake Up & It’s Over (Full EP) [Official Audio]

Official Audio for the ‘Wake Up & It’s Over’ EP by Lovejoy
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Authored by Wilbur Soot, Joe Goldsmith, Ash Kabosu and Mark Boardman
Produced by Mark Crew and Dan Priddy
Mastered by Giovanni Versari

Edited by Ash Kabosu

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  1. Nadia Marcizęwski

    Proud to say I’ve been here since Are You Alright and seeing lovejoy improve and slowly get bigger is amazing. Love the new EP lovejoy! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. TheForgottenKoopaling

    Is it just me or does Scum sound like Undone by Weezer?

  3. I really wanted to go to the Lovejoy Concert on May 17 in SF, but i can’t. 🙁 Yall make good music, and I know the lyrics.

  4. I love this album, you guys made, and continue to make banger songs that never disappoint

  5. yayay been waiting for this!!! so proud of how far yall have come . also the editing!?!?!?! wow

  6. finally yayayayayay

  7. it’s been 2 years since Will was talking about his little secret band. And look at them now. They are doing gigs and have milions of fans around the world. Day 1 lisener LUOD AND PROUD!!!

  8. Been here since the ARG, proud of how far will & lovejoy have came since AYA. so, dope!

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