Love Never Dies: A Magnificent Musical Trashfire Sequel to Phantom of the Opera

Let me show you the beauty beneath.

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00:00:00 purchase my book
00:03:37 Phantom, a summary
00:05:32 Let’s try to clarify Love Never Dies
00:22:50 The Phantom of Manhattan
00:29:27 Why is this
00:34:39 The finishing (is masterful)
00:38:38 Love Never Dies never dies
00:42:59 Cat’s in the cradle


  1. I remember watching a premiere of it in Youtube a long time ago, I didn’t know Phantom then and so the mess of the plot confused me even more. Half the time I wasn’t even paying to the story anymore and used the video as background noise while doing other stuff.

  2. That gunshot clip you keep playing is giving me Meta Runner flashbacks.

  3. Now I want to read this fanfic you liked

  4. Дарья Фирсова


  5. Jekyll & Hyde is INFINITELY SUPERIOR to Phantom, yes I will fight you.

  6. I was literally at Phantom last night so seeing this now is perfect timing lol

  7. Christine Dayees.

  8. I HATED Love Never Dies, and found it tedious, uninteresting and painful to watch.
    I can’t imagine Mde Giry considering, much permitting her daughter to perform in strip teases.

  9. the whole thing is genius but the A03 mug took me out for 15 minutes

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