Lorde – Oceanic Feeling

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Directed by: Joel Kefali and Ella Yelich-O’Connor
Producer: Andrew McLean
Production Company: Good Oil
Director of Photography: Andrew Stroud
Production Designer: Guy Treadgold
Editor: Biff Butler @ Work Editorial
Colourist: David Gibson
Post: Blockhead VFX

Lorde – Oceanic Feeling (Lyrics)
It is a blue day
We could leap Bulli
When I hit that water
When it holds me
I dwell on my dad
Doing the same thing
When he was a kid

It is a blue day
We may go fishing
You’ll catch the large one
Sliding the knife under the skin
Grateful for this offering
And all the living things
Under the sun

Little sibling
I think you are an angel
See your silver chain levitate
When you are kick-flipping
Baby kid, you are super cool
I know you are frightened
So was I
But all will be unveiled in time

Oh look, the rays are in the bay now
Can you hear the waves and the cicadas all around?
I can make anything real
Brain so hot, it is a summer body
Every day is blue and never cloudy
Don’t look down
I can make anything real

In the future
If I have a daughter
Will she have my waist or my widow’s peak?
My dreamer’s disposal or my depraved streak?
Will she split a tab with her paramour and ridicule the stars
Like her mom when she was a woman?

Now the cherry-black lip liner’s gathering dust in a drawer
I do not need her anymore
Cause I got this power
Just had to breathe out
And tune in

O, was enlightenment discovered? No, but I’m trying
Taking it one year at a time
Can you hear the sound? It’s shimmering higher
On the beach I’m building a pyre
(use the timber brought in by the tide)
I know you will show me how, I will know when it is time
To take off my robes and step into the choir


  1. breathtaking

  2. Melancholy Saints

    Feels like Billie Eilish surpassed her idol

  3. Can’t believe Lorde invented brothers

  4. Bojan Stefanović

    She is not popular anymore.

  5. Divine Edoziogor

    I met Lorde for the first time on the 16th of june of this year, and it was marvelous! Yesterday night i listened to all the solar power album without immedetely remembering that today was it’s 1 year birthday, i think it was a sign from the universe that i supposed to listen to the entire album exactly this night. wow. love u lorde. you are something completely different from the rest of the human being. continue like this, such an inspiration to me!!!

  6. Midsommar:True Ascension

  7. wow! it’s been a year! 💛


  9. Louis Egan McCutcheon

    “You know, just me looking at, like, how I’m from New Zealand, from like a small town, and, you know, like, I’m not really part of that boujee… like, lifestyle, culture, so I thought I’d write a song about it”

  10. One thing I love about this solar power era is the concept, which absolutely beautiful ☀️❤️

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