Looking For A Drink In Deepest Siberia 🇷🇺

🇷🇺 What does a guy have to do to get a beer around here? Well if you are in the Siberian town of Taiga then the answer is quite a bit. I searched in all places for a beer and met legends on the way. Welcome to the cities other bloggers do not show you, where every person is a character with a twinkle in their eye.

For you people searching on a map for the cities I visit in this film, they are: Novosibirsk-Bolotnoe-Tomsk-Taiga-Taishet

This is part three of my journey across Siberia. Follow my Insta for trip photos @realbaldandbankrupt


  1. Saderingrad Productions

    10:50 at first I thought you went into an abandoned building but that is just the hotels decorations, neat.

  2. You are keeping up my morale during these troubling times of my life, dear bald and bankrupt. Thank you for your sincere and warming talks and visits!

  3. Funny, I got take out last week that took me to the town of Thai-shit as well. A fairly hot and muddy place

  4. Luton hahahahahahah

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