Look what has become of Halo Infinite

a rat in the desert

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“Makai Symphony – Dragon Slayer” is under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

“Scott Buckley – Jul” is under a Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) license.

“Makai Symphony – Dragon Castle” is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0).


  1. Ubernick showing up was the best thing ever lmao

  2. Love how Zanny died after he spawned a charge then said fall back while the charge continued successfully lmao

  3. C’mon zanny, upload the final part of GOW Ragnarok

  4. Zanny should play skyrim

  5. This makes me so happy because this is what Halo is supposed to be, just messing around with your friends

  6. Zanny you should play Mass Effect

  7. HOLY COW 2mil subs zan! Grats!

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