LOKI EPISODE 4 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Loki 1×04 “The Nexus Event” full episode breakdown and shot-by-shot assessment! Who truly constructed the TVA? Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code LOKI at http://Manscaped.com.

Spoilers ahead!

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Loki Episode 4 is maybe the most eventful turn yet, unveiling the Time-Keepers are senseless androids controlled by some other mystery figure and that pruned Lokis get transported to a mystifying post-apocalyptic exile. We in addition see the surprise return of Lady Sif and the shocking erasure of Mobius. Erik Voss breaks down this Loki episode for all the intriguing visible details and clues you may have missed. What is really going on in this Loki Episode 4 post-credit scene? Is Kang the Conquerer the real villain behind Loki?

Credit to Boss Logic for the art of Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conquerer.

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  1. @Santo Valentino That seems like a good trade. I mean seriously he’s a politician. Him being insulted is part of the job. We’re not going to worship politicians we’re going to hold them accountable and mock them when they do something(s) worth being mocked.

  2. @Slew One Cruz is a politician and sycophantic one at that. Who embraced a conman because poeple fell for the con. Most of us can handle the politicians we vote for made fun of and not get mad.

  3. @Derek Wheeler Surely you’re not trying to bring reason and common sense to the table?

  4. @micksplace I’m crazy like that

  5. NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS

    so I assume at some point, Loki is gonna need to go to nvildir using a tempad, prior to them working with asgaard, to get them to make a weapon that can defeat Kang in the quantum realm, and that interaction will be what causes them for asgaard to make thors hammer, etc in the first place. but that plotline sounds like it will be later and in a movie…

  6. Meshach Thomas

    How the hell do you guys remember a 2 second shot from Armageddon (1998)?!

  7. Why do you feel the need to politicize the content you are creating?

  8. Do you guys give out anything for free?!?…..Why the world runs on money?!?!?!…I am passionate for the Loki series as well as the marvel movies and comics…….it’s really impressive yoi guys make money out of passions..I apologize….i’m just angry for loki dying AGAIN!!!!! I apologize I’m kind of full…..I’m very full…..

  9. i hope it was actually war world in the aftercredits.

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