LOKI Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

LOKI Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. We review, recap and clarify the 3rd episode of Loki on Disney Plus. This contains hidden surprises, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind-the-scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We in addition talk about the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang may be behind it all.

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0:00 Loki Episode 3 Intro
0:28 Episode 2 Sylvie Reveal
1:13 Lady Loki Comic Origins
3:35 Timestone
3:55 Episode 3 Breakdown
8:23 Reel Rejects Shoutout and Subcribe Bit
9:10 Sylvie Old Loki Theory
10:05 Episode 3 Easter Eggs
12:53 Episode 4 Predictions
14:17 Loki Review And Reaction

Now the episode itself is called which means to lament, moan or weep in Latin. However beyond that in the comics it is a purple planet that we end up visiting in this episode.

We open with the song Demons by Haley Kiyoko because…well we are dealing with horned gods. They in addition encounter a lady who calls them demons and demon imagery has of course been laced throughout the show.

From here we leap to Sasha Lane’s C-20 and Slyvie getting their drink on talking about brain freeze. Hilariously Sylvie does not suffer from this as we know that Loki is of course a frost huge and thus would not feel the frigid.

Throughout our breakdowns we have talked about how there may be other characters making cameo’s as slight variants and in episode 1 it was of course Peggy Carter, Episode 2 had Agatha and shoutouts Christopher Godines on twitter for pointing out we get what might be a cameo of Evan Peter’s in this bar.

Reality warps around them as we see Sylvie attempt to get to the bottom of how many folks are guarding the timekeepers which is unveiled to be a deception. Turns out this whole episode is a pyshic projection which is really another power that the Enchantress has.

Cut to the title screen and shoutouts Patrick Currier for pointing out that this is really an effect that you get when you photocopy something over and over again. This is known as Generation Loss and over time if you keep copying something the quality of it diminishes. Obviously, this speaks to the amount of variant Lokis that there are running around and at one point in the entry Loki even refers to Sylvie as a failed Photocopy.

From Sylvie travels to the TVA headquarters but she’s stunned to learn that her powers do not work which means that she likely has not been there before or if she has that she was not in a position to use them. Interestingly though Loki is able to warp his daggers in and this could be because he finished up being positioned in a depended on position by the TVA.

Now this power set is really comparable to Wanda who too did something comparable to folks when she infected their mind in age of ultron. This is unmistakably the prowess set of a witch and there are things that hint to her being more of a concoction of characters early on.

Loki asks if she’s sure she’s a Loki, she says not to call her that and at one point he even utters the line Enchant me which….


  1. God you’re the worst.

  2. the bit towards the end when the buildings almost falls on them and then reverses it looks kind of like when Dr. Strange uses the time stone to reverse damage on buildings. Typically when loki uses his magic in a physical manner, there is a green hue and wisps, but there weren’t any in this scene, which might reinforce the possibility that Loki does have the time stone, and everything will be okay.

  3. Marcin Gabriel Bączkowski

    Thank you for noticing that Loki kept the Time Stone – I also have noticed this while watching the episode, but wasn’t sure if I saw correctly 🙂 I really hope they gonna use it for the plot.

  4. How about this one. Kang is one of the timekeepers or is the sole one. I have literally no basis or evidence for this one, but it’d be fun.

  5. Ok as usually great breakdown and speaking if suffering for your art I have to say seeing you standing next to your significant other? Made me appreciate your hard work more than ever because no way in hell would I have given up on going on a vacation with her for Loki but that is what makes you a solid professional and me a guy in the comments. I could not help but pull a Mephisto when Loki was singing and the woman kept eyeing him. As you say, “it’s all connevted” and they stayed on her just a little too long which made me wonder who she is. Oh and I hate to point out the obvious but actors are people who pretend (read: lie) for a living so we can’t get mad when they do it to us. Even if Kang said he was going to be in Loki I would still believe it when I see it, less me feel like a Bohner <---see what I did there? I'll just go now. Thanks again for doing what you do.

  6. Your better and interesting than emergency awesome

  7. Well done

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