LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. We review, recap and clarify the very first episode of Loki on Disney Plus. This contains hidden surprises, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We in addition talk about the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang could well be behind it all.

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12:13 Kang The Conquerer?
13:13 Court Easter Eggs And Stan Lee Cameo
13:52 Things You Missed
15:00 X-men
15:18 A Cross-Examination Of Loki
16:40 DB Cooper
17:17 Loki’s Future
17:47 The Infinity Stones
19:47 Episode 1 Ending
21:28 Reaction And Review

Now the series feels like it is going to be heavily based on a few graphic novels featuring the god of shenanigan which includes Vote Loki, Loki’s dream and Loki: Agent Of Asgard. The latter seems like it is motivating the basic premise of the show and in that we pickup at a point where Loki’s notoriety has spiralled out of control to the point he’s not able to escape from it. He’s the bad son, the bad sibling, the worst youtuber that keeps banging on about Mephisto and one of the detested in the Marvel cosmos. However when he dies everything changes and he’s reincarnated into a more youthful body. Loki becomes an Agent Of Asgard and The All Mother tells him that for every good deed he performs that a bad one from his past will be struck off the list.

The All Mother’s emerge as three heads at one point and this may have been adapted into the Timekeeper monuments that we see dotted throughout this entry though they are in addition their own characters.

In the book he attempts to get the sword of Sigurd which is the manifestation of truth and along the way he runs into Mephis….look I am not even going to go down that path again.

He in addition faces off against another edition of himself which this show is obviously setting up.

Both that book and Vote Loki feature alternate versions of the character which of course plays into the concept that there are multiple variants of Loki running around.

Now one thing that you have to comprehend about the incarnation that we see is that he’s really only emerged in two MCU motion pictures at this point. Though I do not think the concept of him running through a checklist to write the wrongs of the past like how he did in Agent Of Asgard..

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  1. Heavy Spoilers

    *points at image of devil*
    ‘he did it’
    me – don’t say it, don’t think it

    • oh shit here we go again


      I think this variant Loki(the one who’s killing hunters) is doing something to change timelines and save his mother from dying eventually and is the future version of the Loki we see in this episode in TVA. As we already know he’s getting good at understanding how TVA works and what they can do (evident from how he handled Hunter B-15) so I think he will comply with mobius to understand TVA completely and then do what he does best i.e. backstabbing TVA for his personal interests.

    • The devil with horns might be a reference to Loki’s helmet

    • This show is racist

    • could also just be bc loki”s helm has the same horn too 😀

  2. This is going to be the best of the 3 MCUtv shows!

  3. Sophisticated ways really

  4. In the court room scene, where he pleads his innocence, Loki says they should have arrested the Avengers because they are the ones that travelled through time.
    How did he know that?
    I mean we, the audience, knows it, but I don’t understand how he could know that, at that point.

  5. I would really love it if somehow the show ends with the end of tva or at least a weakening of their abilities, because it opens up more wider possibilities for future shows, as it’s a bit too strict…

  6. Brien Prendergast

    Paul is Loki my fave show and movie reviewer

  7. Loki faking his death would be very on brand. Maybe his ‘file’ ending was more of a nod to how after that point, his choices are not predetermined.

    Or it could be the end of that Loki’s file, and the Loki we are currently following will slot himself into the sacred timeline.

  8. I think WandaVision was better than Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I expected more from the Falcon series, but ended up enjoying WandaVision more.

  9. This was soooooo good, I couldn’t believe it.

  10. this was great! can’t wait for the rest of the season!

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