LOKI 1×04: Every Easter Egg + THANOS Connection Explained | Marvel References & Episode BREAKDOWN

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Loki has just unveiled who and what the Time Keepers truly are–and what they are not. In addition while casually dropping references to Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, and Blade the vampire hunter. We break down all of the Easter Eggs and Marvel Cinematic Universe connections, which includes the multiple Lokis in the post credits scene.

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  1. Korg mentioned vampires in Thor Ragnarok. Just sayin….

  2. You have to remember one key Loki was adopted

  3. Korg mentioned vampires in Thor Ragnarok

  4. Vampires were mentioned in Thor Ragnarok

  5. Didn’t the time Keepers call Sylvie a child of the time keepers?

  6. Vinicius Guedes

    10:55 your mom!


    Vampires were mentioned by Korg in Ragnarok

  8. Damn the wrong is crazy.

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