Logic – Live from the Country

Logic – Live from the Country

Logic & Friends Create a Song & Video Live in the Studio

Shot & Edited by Justin Fleischer
Additional angles from JT Clemente & Kyle Metcalfe


  1. Bobby is BACK! this was unexpected and fire

  2. eclectricmagazine

    This a fuckin supreme ad? Rhymes sound as dogshit as cracklemore

  3. Groovy 🙂

  4. im slightly mad that the editors put the names of all the guys in bottom right corner but didnt put the name of the guy with the red microphone. red microphone rapper lives matter

  5. This is going to be one of logics best sounds that will never make it to a music streaming platform feel privileged YouTube

  6. David R. Butcher

    Dude’s 31 years looks 65

  7. Didn’t he say he quit music ?

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