LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER *Finishing Trim & Matching 100-Year-Old Stain* | XO, MaCenna

The room off to the left with the peculiar second front door has come some distance to turning into our living room … it is bright and open, yet comfortable but has no shave around the window and doors! It is time to tackle those ending touches to make the space feel more complete!

❥ XO, MaCenna


  1. Hey guys! I hope you enjoy todays new video! I am currently sitting in the living room still wondering if the trim is too orange and too light hahaha its a work in progress for sure!

  2. Mariconan Gonzalez

    Now all that’s needed is to finish the mantle from the inside.

  3. Julia Vabishchevich

    Wow, it looks really good!!! So proud of you. I enjoyed every moment of this episode!

  4. You are amazing MaCenna, I love your videos , because you inspired me.

  5. Brittany Kelleher

    This episode made me oddly emotional. Seeing that trim go up really made that room. I knew it was going to be stunning.

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