Living Like Billie Eilish For A Day! 11 Billie Eilish Inspired Crafts And Hacks

/ Prank Wars!

Supplies and instruments:
• Phone case
• Lion head formed fixtures handle
• Hot glue gun
• Chains
• Flat pliers
• String of rhinestones
• Plastic safety glasses
• Rhinestones
• Jewellery supplies
• Round pliers
• Polymer clay
• Parchment paper
• Rolling pin
• Pen cap
• Acrylic polish
• Rubber arachnid and cockroach
• Blank rings
• Acrylic paint
• Printed patterns
• Plastic book cover
• Utility knife
• Empty ballpoint pen
• Old T-shirt
• Acrylic fabric paint
• Scissors
• Tape
• Little paint roller
• Erasers
• White glue
• Fabric bag
• Syringe
• Orange juice
• Black food coloring
• Plastic mask
• Rich hand lotion
• Black nail polish
• Ladder
• Spray acrylic paints
• Printed designer patterns
• Pizza and a pizza box
• Paprika

Prank Wars!

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  1. Ivelise Concepcion

    No no sorry its called when the party’s over

  2. Piggy Princess

    My god no, please y’all, go trip over a knife.

  3. Janelle Rodriguez

    Cringe! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is why billie has a song called copycat

  5. First one the only thing that’s messed up is you can take pictures lol



  7. *copycat plays in the background*

  8. Sub 2 Pewdiepie

    CoPyCaT tRyNa CoP My MaNnEr

  9. xxcoco cookiexx

    copycat, tryna cop billie’s manner..

  10. GReEN ALIENS ??? woOWWo ITS blohsh

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