Live It Up in Fortnite with No Sweat Summer

Summer 2022 comes to Fortnite in the form of No Sweat Summer:

From now until August ninth, 2022 at 9AM ET, you can challenge your friends to boat races, vote to help rebuild Tilted Towers, or just Emote. All. Summer. Long. There is lots to check out with No Sweat Insurance hosting this summer event, which includes all-new No Sweat quests and prizes.

New Outfits and Bundles will be showing up throughout No Sweat Summer. The Item Shop will in addition be full of other faves returning like: Heist, Midsummer Midas, Scuba Crystal, Summer Drift, and Boardwalk Ruby.

Popular Fortnite Creative experiences will in addition make an appearance in the No Sweat Summer Discover row. Here is a peek into some of those:

Eclypse Festival: Head down to Eclypse Festival where you can race with friends, go browsing, attempt the impediment course, and more!

Pool Party – Prop Hunt: Hang poolside with this prop hunt game. You will either be in search of players hiding or be disguising yourself in fun, summer props!

Golf-Nite: Finish all the circuits in as few shots as achieveable before the time is up and be represented on the pulpit! Unlock new trails with the gold you earn.

Ultimate Summer Vacation Prop Hunt: A heaven of props and hunters. Navigate through assorted vacation destinations to cover up yourself as a prop or take an unwinding hunt as the prop hunter!

Fishing Legend: Choose any of the 6 fishing areas and catch the selected fish. Bring back the most of the choice to earn the highest score!

Vibe in Paradise: Join this tropical adventure full of activities, beach vendors, fishing areas, and more!

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  1. me in new zealand livin in the winter

  2. what is the name of the song

  3. Sheesh looks GREAT u did a INSANE job epic! 🥳

  4. Giancarlo Felici

    Fortnite pls you can fix my summer missions i report the bug. Thx

  5. To match your summer vibes is to equip the Summer Strider style for Evie

  6. That’s more moody😏

  7. I cant wait to get these rewards!! Good job epic games, you did well!

  8. song name?

  9. This event looks amazing! Can’t wait to get on and play the event! ❤️

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