LIVE! Fortnite SEASON 4 is HERE! New GWEN Battle Pass! (Chapter 3)

New Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 battle pass, new map and weapons gameplay live stream!

Use my Support a Creator code “TypicalGamer” in the Fortnite item shop if you would like to support me for free!

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  1. I watched 6 hours of this

  2. Fabio Maynard-Williams

    Congrata on 13 mil

  3. Aaliyah Huelin-Williams

    Spider Gwen looks great! Btw consider using TGs code before buying the battle pass cause TGs awesome! He’s a great person!

  4. Best YouTuber

  5. Jimmy James Perales

    I play fortnite

  6. 13 million! Love to see TG still being an amazing streamer after all these years.

  7. Anyone else realize that there is only 2 male skins

  8. Great stream and congrats on 13 million

  9. 13 mill ? Subscribers Wonderful

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