LIVE 🚨 | UEFA Champions League quarter-final & semi-final draws

Watch the draw for the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals & semi-finals live right here!

Watch the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League live on Virgin Media Television.

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  1. offensive quality

    I honestly hope Benfica wins but of course with man city on a great run, Napoli being above most people could’ve imagined, and bayern just being bayern nothing else but great 😂 but who knows with some good draws like this and benfica keep getting acceptable teams to beat I’d say there sure is a glimpse of hope and promise

  2. It’s like 1 group with the badest teams vs 1 group with the best teams..

  3. Well stfu and just do the draw

  4. City faced Bayern as they win 1_0

  5. Mohammed Siddique

    I am supporting Manchester city 🎉

  6. Let’s go city let’s Ave it. 💙

  7. Sorry Madrid we (chelsea) need this trophy

  8. Hala Madrid

  9. U taking a fucking piss set up put m city in this place

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