Little Sister Applies for Vlog Squad Internship

My kid sister Hidaya believes she can work as an assistant for the Vlog Squad, so I give her the chance to prove herself by filling out a resume..


Produced by: @BruceWiegner

Friends in the video clip:

Olivia O’brien: @OliviaObrien

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if you see this good for u!


  1. hidaya what are you skills?

    anna ou-

  2. OMG I need a Blowjob from you,,,You have a nice fat face

  3. faster than you Black

    Shut the fuck up muslims

  4. This ugly little suicide bomber bitch isn’t even funny

  5. I don’t know if I am ready to receive all the hate my opinion it’s gonna get but here I go:

    I don’t like Hidaya. The way she talks annoys me so much.

  6. u live in America and wear a head scarf according to your god to prevent mulestastion who was a pedophile lmfao…

  7. ASMR With Oscar

    Ramadan Kareem everybody❤️

  8. Hidaya: I’m more depressed then ever
    Zane: as I can see, cheers
    Hidaya- good, glad it’s noticeable

    Me- ??? 1:56

  9. Islam must end

  10. Actual tears laughing.

    I called my brother after this video ♥️

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