Little progress made in liberating colossal ship stuck in Suez Canal

The Ever Given, the colossal ship stuck in the Suez Canal, continues to be not liberated and might not be for weeks whereas crews work around the clock to free it. Elizabeth Palmer has more.

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  3. Haha thats pretty “SUEZY” bro

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  5. You News Military

    the size of the ship was so large it took days to pull it back on track

  6. That poor woman captain. Lol

  7. its just rlly weird, knowing that in years forward that this will probably be something that kids are made to write paragraphs about, or will be taught as having an big impact,
    the future is in the present

  8. DFW Airport just made a meme of this comparing the size of the cargo ship to the airport area on Google Maps!

  9. Metal bend it

  10. Plot twist: It carries hundreds of thousands of PS5s

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