Linkin Park Reacts To A Linkin Park Show From 2001

Thank you to all people for tuning in. As many of you know, the touring industry has been considerably affected by COVID-19. The specialists in this business have played a big part in our capability to perform for you people. Many of these experts are freelancers, who are facing an indefinite future without income. Join us in helping to raise money for these individuals:

Join LINKIN PARK in celebrating the 20th anniversary of HYBRID THEORY as they react to never before seen LIVE concert footage from 2001. #WithMe |

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  1. Nostálgico e emocionante💕

  2. Before my time ya’ll need to go on tour I NEED to see this in person

  3. Linkin Park for ever!

  4. Aku rindu kalian:(
    Kapan kembali bangkit Llinkin Park ??
    Gak tau tiba tiba sedih lihat Vidio ini dan meneteskan air mata sendiri terharu


  6. Jonathan Andrés Chacota ojeda
  7. When linkin park is fuckig good ! Not that bullshit One more light, Living things, Thousends suns and etc… !

  8. Mary catherine Smart

    Cheaster we love you forever and miss you

  9. I’ve listened to Hybrid Theory more times than any album in my life.

  10. Estou em abstinência já. Acho que vou surtar quando ver alguma música nova do Linkin Park. Por favor, imploramos, voltem!

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