Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill and Guardians of the Nine-Nine Saved Andy Samberg’s Show

Andy Samberg discusses playing Bonnaroo with The Lonely Island and how celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, Guillermo del Toro and Sean Astin rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation.

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  1. Hell yeah B99!!!!

  2. Simon Van Het Kaar

    Shit. I was looking for a really long time to find a “name of Amy’s sex tape”. But I couldn’t.


  4. I would die for Andy Samberg pls don’t try me

  5. I just can’t seem to stop myself from smiling when I’m watching Andy❤️❤️

  6. He’s either very high or slightly drunk

  7. welp, that was awkward.

  8. Fuck! I thought it was Charlie Puth.

  9. #nuggetpocket

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