Limited Life: Episode 2 – BREAD BRIDGE

Limited Life: Episode 2 Grian is back on minecraft with the new life series! Everybody has 24 hours to survive, if you die, you lose 60 minutes. Last person standing is the victor! We made bad boys bread bridge. It is as unusual as it sounds.



  1. Istg I wouldn’t be able to play this bc if someone stole/broke my bread bridge I’d go mad. Kill everyone and leave

  2. Issa Bredge

  3. i love this series so much

  4. this took grain to a whole new level

  5. I feel like better enchants would be more beneficial than netherite

  6. Bring bread through the nether

  7. I dare you to say Bread Bridge 10x and fast

  8. Joel and grian are the best duo

  9. The BBBBB – The Bad Boy’s Bread Bridge Brigade

  10. I approve of this bridge

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