Lil Nas X Nike “Satan Shoes” – What You Need To Know

MSCHF is back at it again, this time working together with Lil Nas X on the Nike “Satan Shoes.” Brad Hall (me) tells you what you need to understand about the custom Nike Air Max 97 sneaker on this episode.

Thanks for viewing.

-Brad Hall


  1. 666 of satan shoes not worth to buy. Everybody looking forward to heaven, not 666 satan evil/sin. PREFER FOR ‘VIRUS SHOES’

  2. No cap theses are pretty cool and the idea is dope but that paint and human blood is wack af. Looks like a shitty Holloween costume. They should’ve done what Maison Margiela did with the replica paint splatter but did “human blood” splatter on the toe front would be fire disign

  3. Mr. Restore - Hobbies and Restorations

    I’m new here. I think Brad Hall and Joe Pera talking about camping would be worth watching.

  4. This is demonic..

  5. The only thing thats making the shoe controversial bcoz it has a drop of human blood.. But wen its time to fake it its only just ink they would put..

  6. Idk who you are, but you are adorable lol

  7. All I gotta know is that they’re horrible and they spread a horrible message

  8. Jesus Christ is coming back! (Get right with God before it’s to late!) this is a warning ⚠️

  9. Atlantasveryown King T’Challa

    Ohhhhhh Jesus why did I just press this and he’s going to be like 😳

  10. This guy is so enthusiastic

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