Lil Durk Addresses issues w/ NBA Youngboy & Quando Rondo “What Did He Do???”

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  1. Drake picked his side and it wasn’t young boy that’s why he mad 😡

  2. Hardwork Henry


  3. Mane y is he skipping words!
    If durk know he’s sure of what he’s saying then he need to just say the shit out clear just the way YB said it on he’s song and interview
    Boy asking what YB did durk really tweaking

  4. Nehesi LaPharaohs

    He got his picks

  5. “Ion wanna problem with nobody” ofc you don’t not after what happen to yo man’s. Funny how this dude was clowning on 69 for street shit calling him a rat. At least when 69 came out he kept that energy. Durk sound so pussy

  6. Durk has out matured all the yb fans thats why they’re all upset at durk 😂😂

  7. Jonathan Singleton

    I’m gon point out this hypocrisy man he screaming he wasn’t but you poked fun at fbg duck when you ain’t have nothing to do

  8. Yeah ak good question why u ain’t keep that same energy for the baby??

  9. In von we trust 💯

  10. Shaqy boi Realer

    Bro disrespected Von 3 albums straight.. “what he do “ ? 🥴

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