Life is Short…


  1. Thank you guys so much for always being there like a family to me 🦶🏽

  2. Indeed it is


  3. We don’t care about vids anymore chad we care about u get well soon my man

  4. Absolutely praying for the best outcome my man, keep strong, and keep pushing forward! Sending a Speedy recovery!

  5. itsavibeallthetime

    praying for your health and healing Anthony! I love your videos and appreciate everything you do 😢❤️

  6. Take your time bro, stay strong

  7. you will be fine may god bless you and i will pray for u and your family take care and don’t take stress

  8. David OleaRodriguez

    Your videos are good tho

  9. all ur words at the end just related my situation!!😢😢

  10. You should hire an editor

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