Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski!!

Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski with Lexi Hensler!!
Today We Find Out The Truth!!!

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Ben Azelart – @Ben Azelart
Lexi Hensler – @Lexi Hensler
Stokes Twins – @Stokes Twins
Lexi Rivera – @Alexa Rivera
Jeremy Hutchins – @Jeremy Hutchins
Andrew Davila – @Andrew Davila
Dom Brack – @Dominic Brack
Pierson Wodzynski – @pierson

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  1. Jeremy Hutchins


  2. Please do a lie detector test between Lexi rivera and Andrew Davila !!

  3. Iam serious right now ihate andrew next should be lexi rivera and ben azelart

  4. study with Jiya Chauhan

    Plz do it with lexi and andrew

  5. Sav & Dom Embarrassment Buddies

    The video is at 77k Lexi and Andrew you ready cuz we all are😏

  6. finallyyy!!!!!


    I guess #bexi is back but it’s Lexi H and Brent 😅

  8. Brent Rivera finally said he had more than friends relation 😄

  9. Yed yes !!! GET LANDREW ASAP❤😭

  10. I learnt a lot today

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