LG Wing Unboxing – This Thing is WILD

Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a really one of a kind smart phone for 2020.

The swivel box is not included in the retail version.


  1. So I’m guessing there’s not gonna be a phone case for it or it’ll be very cool…

  2. 卧槽,这个看视频竖着全屏播放

  3. Jerry would love to see this phone

  4. Hey man
    You are far better than technical guruji
    Love from India

  5. CBSE Master classes news

    That’s random person,,,, ””who liked my comment 😭😭 I pray”‘may you and your parents live more than 100 years

  6. Entry done
    From Pakistan
    Really need because I don’t use LG mobile

  7. Correction-This thing is weird

  8. God damn that is a nice phone

  9. Hi Lew @UnboxTherapy . Can you confirm if there is a manual video mode for the Wing?

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