LFR15 – Spherical 1, Game 7 – The Fog – TB 2, TOR 1

LFR Following Game 7 of the Tampa Bay Lightning & Toronto Maple Leafs series | May 14, 2022


  1. ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan

    Wings fan here and I was rooting for you guys hard this series. You guys played really well and I thought you deserved to win but it was a coin flip series and Vasi was a brick wall in game 7. I know it’s tough to hear but you guys have to stay the course and be patient. You got a great core and roster. Be patient you guys will have playoff success too.

  2. If the Leafs front office is smart, they’ll look at how this series went and react accordingly, which is to say not rashly. To not make the sweeping change, because it isn’t needed. The difference between Tampa and Toronto is that Tampa’s bottom 6, and specifically the 3rd line, was just slightly better than Toronto’s. That’s the change that needs to be made. Improve the bottom 6 pieces with high value low cost players. Unfortunately I think it’s time for Wayne Simmonds to go. As much as he brings something unique to Toronto that nobody else really adds to the roster, I think they need to explore other options in that position. With their salary being what it is, they don’t really have much luxury in having a specialty piece like Simmonds who doesn’t have as much offensive/defensive upside and is more of a physical first piece. Hopefully this team doesn’t get blown up. When nearly everything is going right, when things improve year to year, that isn’t the time to start over. Look at the Caps and all of their early exits. They didn’t give up. They kept after it, kept being among the best regular season teams in the league. Stay the course, keep tweaking, keep making minor adjustments. It will come, even though it doesn’t feel like it right now.

  3. ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan

    Coming from a lifelong Wings fan, I feel for ya, Steve. I was pulling for the Leafs in this one, I really was. I picked Tampa in my bracket…but I was hoping against hope that the Leafs would prove me wrong.

  4. 1:07 for the mental breakdown. you’re welcome.

  5. 5fingershuffle gaming

    i normally watch your lfr’s right after the game, but this one i had to wait…. hurt too much to have to live through it again so soon

  6. George Boccanfuso

    It’s amazing how non leaf fans talk about the leafs more than their own team.

  7. Christos DeSchaine

    In regards to “the goal” you have to ask yourself, would it have survived a coaches challenge? Would it have survived a situation room review? I personally don’t think it would have passed muster on either of those, and you know that one or both would have happened if the zebras hadn’t made that insanely soft call.

  8. ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan

    “When did I get a Tampa Jersey..” Had me dying of laughter. As a diehard Isles Fan, I know your pain man. Growing up watch the Isles get eliminated from playoffs and in most cases just missing them completely. Leafs looked great, was cheering for them this series, hope they keep make it back next year.

  9. Lmao all the leaf fans crying over bad calls and losing 🤣🤣 did you not watch the Tampa/Panthers series last year?!?!?! Now ya wanna cry about missed calls 😂😂😂 unreal!

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