Level Up: Bells Hells Roll Hit Points For Level 9!

Our adventurers leveled up after the events of Campaign 3, Episode 51! Watch them roll hit points for Level 9!

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  1. How is 31 passive perception possible? I know there’s a feat for +5, then he must have expertise in perception, but that would still only take it to 26 right? I’m assume his shield must add the other 5?

  2. Who’s dog is this? I must know everything about Omar! How does one pet this dog!?

  3. Fun Fact: if I’m not mistaken Vex’s Passive Perception maxed out at 30, since she had a 16 on Wisdom (+3), Observant and Expertise on Perception, just like Orym. Orym’s Passive Perception is now higher because he has the Sentinel Shield. But since the maximum DC in DnD is technically 30, it shouldn’t really matter as long as they both make it to 30. However, Orym could max out at 37, potentially, if I didn’t mess the math

    10 base, +5 from Observant, +5 from the shield, + 5 if he got to a 20 on Wisdom + 12 from Expertise at levels 17 to 20 = 37.

    If he remains at 16 Wisdom, he’ll max out at 35 as long as he makes it to level 17 at least (and he doesn’t get any other magical object to boost his Passive Perception, of course)

    (And yes, I have rewritten this a thousand times because I tried to do math and recall details at 1 in the morning and while being sick. I do not recommend)

  4. Omar!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. I just got a corgi and named her Lady Vex’ahlia

  6. @1:46 Ashley has gotten some dice blessed by Omar <3

  7. OMAR! ❤

  8. the difference between ashley and laura’s, and liam and tal’s sides of their table is actually hilarious

  9. Orym’s passive perception is so high, he sees a vague Matt-shaped figure in his peripheral vision at all times

  10. Omar is the star of this video

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