Legends Summarized: The Saga of Grettir

It is halloween month!! Let us celebrate with an Icelandic saga full of ghoulies, ghosties and SO MANY LEGAL DISPUTES

Thanks to longtime patron Gudmundur H Ulfarsson for asking for this back in 2020!

For full immersion, torture yourself with the full text here: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/347/347-h/347-h.htm

Our content is meant for teenage audiences and up.

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  1. A murder of crows in a human shaped Trenchcoat

    My man’s out here punching ghosts for fun.

  2. ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Noon Shift

    Ah yes nothing more deserving of an Epic Saga then legal disputes

  3. Art was exceptional this episode. Good job!

  4. Can’t wait to watch this while pooping

  5. Who else would love to see osp take on Jenny green teeth

  6. Not even a specific saga or anything but I think it’d be cool if some Polish/Slavic myths and folklore was talked about.

  7. This is arguably the most violent and self destructive guy to appear in one of these stories and I love it.

  8. Your music and art have evolved so far on this channel it’s amazing

  9. The Eristic Writer

    I can’t overstate how much i adore this channel. Both the fiction/writing aspect as well as the history deep dives. Everything about this channel is fantastic.

  10. I’d never have heard of this text without this video! Super glad I watched it.

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