Lechonk Pokémon Meme Review

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  1. yes i need the plastic chair it comforts me

    The tauros head on the shirt at 16:41 could be a evolution for tauros and the evolution method could be getting it to a certain level at night/using a certain item on tauros at night, it’s been a while since tauros came out in gen 1 and we haven’t seen any new evolutions or pre-evolutions, not even a mega or a gigantamax form, it only learns new moves so perhaps when could get an evolution, or we don’t get anything new besides moves for tauros.

  2. 12:44 but the A is sus

  3. New mascot is just a kirby that ate mikey

  4. These videos are so funny 😂

  5. ultimateninjaboi

    I like the implication that its only kids who are overly critical of the graphics, and not a bunch of 30 somethings online. XP

  6. Kenzi Henderson

    Ooh, a reaction vid AND meme review? What a video!

  7. wow… took ya long enough… pokemen7 and purplecliffe already did their reaction to the trailer a few days ago and they did it on livestream too

  8. In Japanese, the Dusk form of Lycanroc is called the “Twilight Form” which is actually more accurate because in the games you can get it at Dawn *or* Dusk, not just Dusk
    Weird localization mistake, but I do still appreciate the Dawn form joke


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  9. 2400!

  10. me: *drawing a kirby *
    then you react a kirby relate meme
    me:wait what ._.

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