LeBron, others call for rougher penalty for Warriors investor after Kyle Lowry shove | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Vince Carter and Stephen Jackson respond to Golden State Warriors investor Mark Stevens pushing Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry during an event in Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals, which prompted a twitter statement from LeBron James stating he deserved larger penalty — something the panel agrees with.

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  1. No one should push or hit anyone but you got to love that players can jump into the stands and punch fan and are still allowed to play in the NBA and b role models for children. Think about that

  2. If Lebron calls for it it will probably happen. Just like he cried for Draymond to be suspended in 2016. League obeyed like little lapdogs.

  3. talentedmangina

    That was petty as f.

  4. Thats funny that he says there’s no place for this behavior yet their riding their high horses all the goddam time acting hard its pathetic dont be a Bitch it was a shove you being a punk

  5. You crash into a crowd….then you cry over a little push!

  6. Maybe instead of a fine whatever dividends he’s getting from his ownership he shouldn’t be able to get for the year hes suspended. Like how the players who are suspended by the league don’t get paid for any games they miss. Other than that this was a fair punishment.

    To all the people saying “You can’t have a Fan touch the players like that” Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Jermaine O’Neal literally ran up in the stands and started laying random fans out but didn’t get life time bans from the NBA.

  7. Why are people acting like he punched lowry fucking relax.

  8. You know you suck when fans start pushing you

  9. Donald McRonald

    Bouncing a ball is not a real job

  10. 2:36 I’m just trying to figure out what did the women with the warriors jacket have to do with it???? I mean he didn’t run into you but, your giving your input for what? Oh I know a reaction of course. It’s sad how these gentleman have to stand and not defend themselves against people knowing they will have a harsher punishment than person in the audience.

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