LeBron is right, ‘I could have done it a different way’ – Magic on suddenly resigning | First Take

Magic Johnson joins First Take and answers for not notifying LeBron James about his decision to abdicate as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers before touting it to the media.

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  1. You know, I’ve been a Laker fan all my life and grew up watching him in the Showtime era. He’s one of and always will be a Laker legend and great. But I’ve listened to all the Magic interviews so far and I’m hearing a lot of “I wanted to hire MY guy”. And that’s not just Magic that’s Pelinka as well. How about instead of worrying about hiring your guy to make you look good you look to hire the RIGHT guy for the organization and the team? Just sayin’………..

  2. Nicholas Donaldson

    Yow now you all see the power of Stephen A. Magic said it was because of Stephen A why he came on.

  3. Do you regret going homosexual and contracting hiv?
    No I’m not a regretful guy.

  4. I think Magic needs to shut up and die already, stupid aids infected bitch.

  5. Kawhi's a fun guy

    “Rob Pelinker”

  6. Dude has never failed at anything outside of this Lakers run. He obviously would have succeeded too if he got his guys in there. Dude was a GENIUS on the court in his prime, his knowledge didn’t go anywhere.

  7. I just wanna tell you Lebron haters real quick. Y’all knew nothing when you blamed this disaster on Lebron. You had very little information and used weak connections to justify your personal vendetta against another man and call him “toxic” or suggest he is the reason Magic left. I base my opinion on the words that come out of the mouths of the people directly involve and I recommend you start doing the same.

  8. Magic infected the organization once before why did they think he wouldn’t do it again.

    ()()============D~~~~~~~thats aids juice

  9. Staying Sane Amid the Insanity

    Rob Palinkas power comes from Krypton

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