LeBron is more likely to leave the Lakers than win a title for L.A. – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman says there is a stronger chance that LeBron James will depart from the “dysfunctional” Los Angeles Lakers franchise than win them a title for the first time since 2010.

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  1. He’s going to take KD’s place on dubs when he hits the dusty trail.

  2. Max is smoking weed again.

  3. LeBron should: a) go back to the Cavaliers. B) take 3 years to get the all life time scoring title. C) stay out of politics(he did a stupid thing when he supported CROOKED HILLARY) D) the Lakers are a fart contest !!!!!

  4. LeBron to warriors. All LeBron hating warriors fans immediately shut up cuz they are now blowing him

  5. Freestyling Max. Dude needs his own mic and beats. His comments concerning hoops are so half-baked he should veer from all topics concerning NBA. Dude is always on the wrong bus getting off at wrong stop.

  6. Imagine if he leaves for the Clippers?

  7. Join the clippers everyone, lakers era is over too much drama. Stay a laker fan if you are a drama queen if not then become a clipper. Clippers don’t like drama. That’s why they traded Blake. This a is a clipper town now

  8. Max Kellerman is more likely to get a receding hairline than say something smart

  9. Da fuck are those lies written at 5:25 ?!?!! Give me a fucking break on the fluffer that had to typed that shit!

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