LeBron is distracting Kawhi, which will backfire for the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose does not expect Kawhi Leonard to join LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers during NBA free agency because LeBron is trying to recruit Kawhi during the Toronto Raptors’ playoff run.

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  1. LeBron’s playing dirty by contacting Kawhi during his NBA Championship push. You don’t try to get in the heads of players that are in the Finals. I bet if someone did that to him he would of have snapped. WHY IS LEBRON CONTINUOUSLY TRYING TO MAKE THE RAPTORS LOSE IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Is he that petty? What A soar loser. I hope the Raptors win it all.

  2. Look at all these butthurt LeBron sexuals in the comment session.

  3. can you guys talk about something real?

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  5. Shut the fuck up Jalen Rose. You criminal. Go back to the hood you dumbass

  6. I can tell you 100%, Kawhi is going to the Clippers. Kawhi wants to play for Rivers and they got a solid core already with cap space to blow on another guy. Kawhi was never a Laker fan growing up either, in fact he never talked about Kobe before, growing up his favorite players were guys like Carmelo

  7. Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil

    Umm Lebron went to L.A.

  8. I don’t really care about what the media says, it would be wise for any player to play with LeBron, which increases the chance of winning a championship! ?

  9. zeus Flordeliza

    Lebron is getting weak now…why he have to recruit other if hes Goat

  10. Mario Van Holle

    Jalen talks like he is in bed with everyone ???

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