Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmy Awards

Zendaya accepts the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Euphoria at the 74th Emmy Awards.


  1. Wow. Talk about low academy standards…

  2. good night guys, only the humble will help me hit 1500 subscribers, God bless those who sign up and those who can’t too TMJ

  3. Congrats Zendaya! She has many, many years to shine.

  4. Overrated…

  5. OF COURSE, who else caould have won?!

  6. She’s so young and yet so talented, I loved her acting as rue 🌸

  7. this category is by far the one stacked with the best performances. My number 1 was laura linney but zendaya did a great job in season 2 and i think she for sure surpassed her season 1 performance.

  8. How is bob odenkirk not nominated? He is 10 times better

  9. This is so deserved. She is phenomenal in Euphoria.

  10. James Stephenson, II

    How many watched? About 10,000. These award shows are more about breaking their arm to pat themselves on the back.

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